Thursday, January 8, 2015

News Outlets Grapple With Press Freedom and Utterly Fail

The ultimate example of the press's -- not Charlie Hedbo's -- cowardice.
Associated Press's truncated photo eliminating the "offensive material."

I published several of Charlie Hebdo's controversial cartoons, assuming growing numbers of media outlets and newspapers would do so worldwide. Except for Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and Talking Points Memo, boy was I wrong. (My sample is limited.)

But the Washington Post's coverage of the cowardice is broad in the two links below. Among other facts it helps establish is that it supports the cowardice, except for WaPo cartoonist Ann Telnaes. She stands as a beacon. In fairness, they are contemplating publishing one controversial cover. I hope they do.

These two WaPo articles, here and here, illustrate well the abandonment of free speech at the first volley. It's contemptible. What utter cowardice, what utter failure. Worse, what a squandered opportunity. If all publish, none might perish. They can't kill us all.

Read the comments to the articles. They show that everyone is clamoring for courage, but few are delivering. And the people are disgusted.

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