Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What Did Jeb Do as Florida Governor? (Hint: Go For a Ride.)

Paul Krugman finds the key fact about Jeb Bush's record as governor. Besides thinking that Terri Schiavo must be functionally alive and should be kept that way, Jeb Bush presided over 3.0% unemployment, beating the national number. He must be great, right?

The blue line is the housing market, which peaked during Jeb's tenure. The red line is unemployment, which fell in relation to the housing bubble. When that bubble popped, so did Jeb's ride on the magic carpet. After that, there was hell to pay in Florida's overheated housing market, while Jeb got outa town just in time.

Heckuva job, Jebbie.

presidential? Timber!

Of course, the Republicans may love Jeb Bush. After all, he's running some hedge funds and offshore havens for the rich. Their kind of man.

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