Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Riddle Me This: Why Does the GOP Insist On Being the Torture Party?

Our heroes? Maybe yours.

No particular thing to add, except that Republicans are almost unanimously outraged by the torture report (hasn't been released yet) and apparently GOPers on the Intelligence Committee refused to participate in its production. So, by their position on torture, Republicans are basically all in -- while claiming it wasn't torture, or if it was, that it was "effective," which is highly debatable.

Here's a "5 questions" article in the NYTimes, and the obligatory White House vs. GOP article, no doubt one of many to come.

Actually I do know why Republicans support torture: It plays well to their base.


Update. Far as I know torture report not released yet, but here's a comment on one of the Times' stories. Gets it about right, in my view:
I thought the eight years of the Bush administration had left me with no more capacity to be astonished by the gall, hypocrisy, and blatantly self-serving intellectual dishonesty of the Republican party. But I was wrong.

Here you have Cheney--a man who is as responsible as anyone on the planet for starting an unnecessary war in Iraq that killed and endangered many thousands of people, American and not, and that led directly to the rise of ISIS, and who is as responsible as anyone for creating the torture program--here you have this man suggesting that the OBAMA administration would be irresponsible to release the torture report???

It truly is Alice in Wonderland logic--a very vivid and unpleasant flashback to the days when the executive branch was run by people who scoffed at the "reality-based community."

Reports of rendition, black sites, "harsh interrogation techniques" and so forth have been inflaming terrorists and radicalizing prospective terrorists for more than a decade. The world already knows about the torture.

How much more obvious can it be that what Cheney et al. seeks to avoid is not giving the world information about torture--that what they seek to avoid is accountability?

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