Thursday, July 18, 2013

Racism Alive and Well in America

Zimmerman learns he's a free man. Free to do what? Don't worry, been there, done that.

Like many people, I followed the Trayvon Martin murder case. Also like many people, I felt that George Zimmerman deserved a voluntary manslaughter conviction. I assumed, like many people, that George Zimmerman would be found not guilty.

I don't need to restate the facts in the case. Florida law makes it clear that:
  1. You can carry a concealed weapon around.
  2. You can shoot someone if you feel threatened.
  3. You can be found not guilty if you're a fucking knucklehead but are sufficiently paranoid.
  4. This makes life as a "suspicious person," AKA a black male, very, very dangerous in Florida.
This holds true in all states or locales where concealed carry, stand-your-ground, knuckleheads, and young black males coincide. That's a lot of places.

I'm not young, or black, or living in a place with easy concealed carry -- it exists in my state and county but is really hard to obtain -- so even if there are a few knuckleheads around, it's likely I won't get shot for going out to buy snacks.

We do, unfortunately, live in a country where a man can hunt down a young, black male who went out to buy snacks, shoot him, and then be found not guilty and get his gun back.

If the answer to why this is so doesn't include the acknowledgement of continuing racism in America, then you're not paying attention. Or you're being purposefully obtuse. You know, like the Supreme Court.

Sorry, black people. Americans are not there yet. When we'll get there is anybody's guess. Until then, you might as well watch your back. Lord knows the George Zimmermans of America will.

Yeah, I remember the hope in those days, too.

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