Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Never Thought Bush Could Win. I Feel the Same about Romney. Uh-Oh.

I watched in horror as George W. Bush hung in there as the election neared in 2000. I couldn't imagine how the U.S. electorate would consider turning the nation's well-being over to an obvious incompetent. Then the miracle of miracles happened: Al Gore defeated George W. Bush and all was right with the world.

Then something else happened. Florida, the Supreme Court, the unbelievable ruling. Something resembling the end of the world.

Maybe not, but it takes a real imbecile to count W.'s tenure as anything but a string of disasters tied together by a series of illegalities and broken treaties.

So, naturally, when I think about Mitt Romney actually winning the presidency, I'm forced to admit, why not?

What passes for logic out there these days.

If I have any reason for hope it's that Mitt Romney is starting to bore Republicans. Republicans! They don't like listening to him. Check this Pew Center poll:

Okay, it's possible that voters are finding Barack Obama boring, but I never do. And the fact that Democrats are more interested now is an indication that this is all about Romney. With the independents bored, it stands to reason they have no reason to go out and vote for Romney. These numbers can't be good for the Republican side.

And now that a Vanity Fair article is coming out showing how much money Mitt Romney may have off-shored, we can be sure that Bain, out-sourcer-in-chief, Swiss bank accounts, Bermuda corporations, Cayman this and Cayman that, and a host of other items will be pounded into voters' heads along with a constant drumbeat of "Show us your tax returns!" Can the Mittster stay on message with all of that?!?

I hope not.

Then again, he needs his surrogates to keep reminding people, "Oh, Mitt Romney does have policy ideas. It's just not wise to reveal them at this stage of the campaign, if ever. But don't worry, once you elect him president, he'll keep all his promises." Oh, okay, then.

And then there's this, the theory of Mitt's Boson.

When I think of Bush's bullshit, there's so much to choose from, but this one stood out as a tipping point (C-Span, so no embedding possible). In fact, after this speech on Jackson's Square, everyone (except the deadenders) thought Bush was full of shit. His popularity slipped to about 28% and never recovered, even now. Why? Because it was all bullshit. He never did any of it, or if he did, it was so shoddy no one noticed. Bush over and out.

I want Mitt Romney to have his Waterloo before he's elected.

So do a lot of Democrats.

Even Republicans don't like him.

But, too horrible to imagine, that doesn't mean he can't win in November. What does that say about America? I shudder to think.

Update. More conservatives worry that Romney can't win as the candidate without any actual policies.

If you knew my actual views on policy, I'd have to kill you.

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