Monday, July 16, 2012

Attack Mitt Romney on his Massachusetts Record. Attack now!

I can pretend I'm a savvy campaign operative, but I'm not. However, I think I can spot a no-brainer when I see one. I don't even know much about Mitt Romney's record during his tenure as governor of Massachusetts, but I do remember one thing: He destroyed -- or appropriated -- every hard drive in every computer used during his administration. There is not a single email remaining, and I believe I've heard that paper documents are hard to come by, too.

There's nothing to hide in Massachusetts. Literally.
The Obama ad should be: "What's Mitt Got to Hide in Massachusetts?" And then just slam him, over and over, about all the secrecy, all the work it took to disappear his governorship. You could throw in bad things, like his failed jobs effort or his raising taxes, and you could also feature his health care reforms. "What's Romney Running From?"

Over and over and over. Don't stop, at least until his convention. When you're done, Mitt Romney won't have a record to run on. Not Bain, not Massachusetts. Okay, give him the Olympics. Tell him to do that again.

Mitt Romney, by the way, has done this to himself. He's running away from Bain, he's running away from Massachusetts, he's running away from his tax returns.

At some point, he's going to have to stop running. I hope it's after this last -- failed -- run for the presidency.

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