Saturday, November 15, 2014

Er, Republicans, What Are You FOR, Again?

Sure, they're nuttier than I am, but now we have women in the picture! These
gals are against the minimum wage, against Obamacare, but for pink! And
Joni agreed to stop using the word castrate. Now she's leadership-caliber.

The answer is nothing. They are for nothing. Why? They've been against Barack Obama for so long, they don't know what being for something feels like.

They'd disagree, I suppose. They do have an agenda. For example:
  • They're for being against Obamacare. (That's health insurance for millions who never had it, while still letting insurance companies prosper. Oh, that's right, it was a Republican plan.)
  • They're for nobody signing up for health insurance on ACA exchanges during the new open enrollment period because then Obama would look good.
  • They're for shutting down the government if Obama doesn't do what he's told. (Obama probably won't do that, so...)
  • They're for not approving any infrastructure spending because that would be good for the economy and the country but maybe that would help Hillary!
  • They're for refusing to confirm the new attorney general because Obama might something or another (leaving the hated Eric Holder in place, go figure).
  • They're for refusing to confirm judicial appointees because then Obama would "win."
  • They're for the XL pipeline because nothing says American better than Canadian tar sands! (Oops, they're for something!)
  • They're against a major deal with China over greenhouse gases because that would be, like, being for believing in human-caused climate change. Ugh!
  • They're for impeachment being on the table because they need all their tools or something.
  • They're for blowing up the government if Obama uses his legal authority to accomplish some of the goals immigration reform would bring if the GOP-controlled House accepted the bill the Senate approved earlier in the year (it expires with the coming new session).
  • They're for being against raising the minimum wage. (That would be hard on the job creators, er, I think they mean rich people.)
See, they are for things after all. OMG, I'm being rather cruel with them. They are for more war in the Middle East, e.g. boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria. It's true, Obama is against that.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham think that negative Commander-in-Chief should get real and lead from in front, meaning of course that young American men and women should be in front of live rounds of ammunition. That's definitely going to fix the Middle East. I mean, look at Iraq and Afghanistan. We fixed them but good.

This lame-duck session is pretty lame. I wonder if Obama is going to issue an executive order that's going to un-lame it. Hmm... what could that be?

(Blogger salivating)

Yeah, their heads will explode when I announce it!

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