Wednesday, August 1, 2012

According to Conservatives, Suffering Is Good for Young People

I rarely watch Fox News, except when I get excerpts from their various shows on websites and blogs. A website that provides this sort of service is Media Matters, a site I've followed for years.

We on the left are used to hearing preposterous things from conservatives. If we haven't heard anything absurd lately, all we have to do is watch Fox News, which by now is recognized -- almost uncontroversially -- as a media outlet for the Republican Party and the conservative movement. In fact, if you feel particularly clear-minded on any given morning, simply turn on Fox & Friends and you'll get muddied up pretty fast.

Another show is The Five, where lately they've decided to declare war on young people. Two recent excerpts featured at Media Matters demonstrate the contempt Fox has for our whining youth, who for some reason think they're entitled to a job or something.

Great. Just great. But they don't stop there. Listen to Dana Perino (former Dubya spokesperson):

These thoughts speak for themselves. I don't even need to call them names. They've debased themselves.

Look, I was young once. I remember having hard times. Good jobs were scarce when I got out of college in the early seventies. I muddled through. Gas prices doubled -- twice -- during my twenties. I owned a business during the recessions of 1979 and 1981-1982. It took until I was almost forty to recover.

I have young adult children. Both out of love for my children and hope for their future -- and for children everywhere -- I want the best for them. I suppose we could beat them or make them go without shoes, just to toughen them up, and it doesn't take much of an imagination to think there are people out there who might recommend that. Hell, I think I just witnessed it on Fox.

Hey, wow, they've gone off the rails. I've got one word for them: empathy. It's the empathy, stupid. Though I suppose they'd call me a bleeding heart. Friggin' jeebus.

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