Friday, April 13, 2012

Obama's War on Romney, Take 1

There's a reason I smile a lot.

Maybe it isn't Barack Obama who's so smart -- maybe it's his campaign team -- but a day after Mitt Romney finally got some traction with his attempts to mend his women deficit, the president releases his and his wife's 2011 tax return, showing that he paid 20.5% of his income in taxes. That beats the hell out of Mitt Romney's 13.9%.

And who wins the news cycle going into the weekend? Obama/Biden, that's who. There might be a minor residue remaining of the Hilary Rosen kerfuffle, but by the Sunday shows, the tax fairness issue will have been reasserted.

Take that, Mittens!

What's  a candidate supposed to do if he can't sustain faux outrage longer than 10 minutes?


  1. Honestly, i was surprised Romney turned out to be a strong rival.
    The fact that he won here in Florida stroke me the most.

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    1. Hi, Claire, , although Romeny won a big support in Florida,i dont think he can won the election over Obama at last.